What will the Action do?

The Action has 5 main tasks, which are:

Task 1: Reviewing relevant initiatives (year 1)
Task 2: Defining a concerted research agenda (year 1 & 2)
Task 3: Scoping audience and society transformations (year 2 & 3)
Task 4: Revitalising audience research (year 3 & 4)
Task 5: Developing recommendations (year 4)

A more detailed description can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) available here: http://www.cost-transforming-audiences.eu/node/1).

To realize these tasks, the Action will deploy a series of activities:

Conferences, Workshops and Summer Schools:
• The Action will organise a series of workshops and conferences. The events are announced and described in the menu "Events" here: http://www.cost-transforming-audiences.eu/node/12
• Per WG, a least two panels will be organized at international conferences such as other COST conferences and ECREA, IAMCR and ICA conferences
• Young scholars will gain access to the ECREA Summer School

• Proceedings of the two Action conferences
• Two edited academic books
• Short and concise web-essays about the field
• Per WG, at least one series of scholarly articles in an international and peer-reviewed journal or e-journal
• Per WG, at least one research report related to tasks 1 and 2

For each period of activity, the exact workplan of the Action is established by the management committee (MC) within the general framework defined by the Memorandum of Understanding and taking into account the grant allocated by COST for the period of activity in question.

The workplan for year 1 is available here: http://www.cost-transforming-audiences.eu/node/314
The workplan for year 2 is available here: http://www.cost-transforming-audiences.eu/node/200

Any Action member or collaborator gains access to the Action events and to the publishing opportunities. On each of these occasions, the steering group or the responsible coordinator will launch a call for participation. All members and collaborators of the Action (whether they are MC or WG members) can participate in the publications of the Action, if their work is accepted by the reviewers.

Given the financial restrictions, the travel and accommodation expenses can only be reimbursed for a limited number of participants per meeting. The participant who are not elibile for reimbursement will need to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Participants whose expenses are eligible for reimbursement should take into account that these reimbursements are strictly regulated, as described in the latest version of the COST Vademecum (Part B) – Grant System available at: http://www.cost.eu/participate/guidelines.

In the case of events that are not organised by the Action itself (like international conferences), all members will need to cover all expenses, unless communicated otherwise.