WG 4 “Audience transformations and social integration”

WG 4 “Audience transformations and social integration” explores how media and ICTs can provide opportunities to sustain relationships, share knowledge and culture, participate in the public sphere and negotiate (new) collective identities. Social categories of class, gender, age and ethnicity continue to interact with these new conditions of social integration.

WG 4 chair:
Cristina Ponte (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, cristina.ponte @ fcsh.unl.pt)
WG 4 vice chairs:
Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink (University of Salzburg, Austria, Ingrid.Paus-Hasebrink @ sbg.ac.at).
Marta Cola (University of Lugano, Switzerland, marta.cola @ usi.ch).

TF1: Media, citizenship and social diversity (Alexander Dhoest)
TF2: Transforming societies, transforming families (Sascha Trulzsch)