Action Research Agenda

The Action Research Agenda (see in attachment) gathers the research agendas of the four Working Groups, as they emerged from the members’ discussions during the first period of activity (March 1st, 2010 – April 30, 2011). While the organizational structures and scholarly content outlined here are believed to form a permanent backbone for the future work of the WGs, it is evident that they are open to revision, as the Action as a whole and the WGs pick up momentum over the duration of the Action.

The deliberations among WGs’ participants in the Lisbon meeting (November 2010) resulted in agreement that the organization of the WGs’ scholarly activities and productivities will be based on the notion of Task Force. Task Forces may be permanent or ad-hoc, and for the first phase of the networking activities the WGs founded between 2 to 4 permanent Task Forces each. It is envisaged that after a first phase of consolidation within the WGs, due to a certain affinity of interests some Task Forces based in different WGs will establish links of cooperation.

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