Media literacy research and policy in Europe: A review of recent, current and planned activities

This one-day meeting on September 12, 2013 (9:30-16:00), aims at taking forward the media literacy work already developed within the Action (especially the task force on media literacy within Working Group 1 "New Media Genres, Media Literacy and Trust in the Media"), as part of the fifth and final task of the Action on "Building bridges with stakeholders".

The purpose of the meeting is as follows:
1. Review the state of play regarding media literacy research in Europe.
2. Review the current agenda, infrastructure and upcoming actions regarding media literacy policy in the European Commission.
3. To consider how countries are meeting the reporting requirement on media literacy for member states as part of the AVMSD.
4. To gain clarity regarding the remit and positioning of media literacy within the EC, EP, Council of Europe, UNESCO and OECD.
5. Discuss work by the media literacy task force of the COST action to map media education policies across Europe and consider how best to exploit the results.
6. Identify problems in promoting media literacy and consider possible next steps.

The meeting is coordinated by Sonia Livingstone and will be held in Brussels, at Saint-Louis University (local organisers: Geoffroy Patriarche and Emilie Vossen).

Meeting Place:
Saint-Louis University
Rue du Marais 119
Building Prefecture, 6th floor, room P61
BE-1000 Brussels

An extensive report of the meeting is available at:

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