WG 2 “Audience interactivity and participation”

This is archive of Working Group 2, “Audience interactivity and participation”, which focused on the possibilities and constraints of mediated public participation; the roles that old and new media institutions and professionals (including journalists) play in facilitating public participation and in building citizenship; the interlocking of mainstream media and non-mainstream media and their production of new hybrid organisational structures and audience practices.

WG2 Pages

WG2 Officials

WG 2 chair:
Nico Carpentier (Vrije Universiteit of Brussel (VUB), Belgium, nico.carpentier @ vub.ac.be)

WG 2 vice chairs:
Manuel José Damásio (Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Portugal, mjdamasio @ ulusofona.pt)
Miroljub Radojkovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia, nanamir @ sezampro.yu)

WG 2 external liaison officers:
Bozena Mierzejewska (bozena.mierzejewska @ unisg.ch) and Birgit Stark (birgit.stark @ oeaw.ac.at), LOs for industry (including PBS)
Mélanie Bourdaa (melaniebourdaa @ yahoo.fr), LO for civil society (including audience NGOs and alternative media)
José Manuel Noguera Vivo (jmnoguera @ gmail.com), LO for other academic (EU) projects & networks
Lucia Vesnic-Alujevic (lucy.vessal @ gmail.com), LO for politics
Ana Milojevic (anamilojevic @ gmail.com), LO for journalists

WG 2 internal liaison officers:
Igor Vobic (igor.vobic @ fdv.uni-lj.si), LO for young scholars

WG 2 task force leaders:
Task Leaders Subtopic 1: Interrogating audiences: theoretical horizons of participation: Nico Carpentier & Peter Dahlgren
Task Leaders Subtopic 2: Public voice and mediated participation: Birgit Stark & Peter Lunt
Task Leaders Subtopic 3: Networked belonging and networks of belonging: Manuel José Damásio & Paula Cordeiro
Task Leaders Subtopic 4: Cross-media production and audience involvement: José Manuel Noguera, Mélanie Bourdaa & Francesca Pasquali