‘Mediated Public Voices Need Theory to Be Heard’

Turkoglu, N. (2011). ‘Mediated Public Voices Need Theory to Be Heard’ . IAMCR conference 2011: "Cities, Creativity, Connectivity". 13-17 July.

Abstract: Critical theory has been updated gradually through the media theories interrogating participation. Mediation of the public voices is a focus of this paper as a matter of participation which brings critical media literacy into consideration of a theoretical debate rather than a practical one. The implementation of theory, here in critical media literacy, into the social world can work for the idea of universality. This paper, grounded in the need for critical theory for a better comprehension of the social world, engages with the concept of critical media literacy as an example for a combination of distance and involvement. Motivated by the mediatic hopes, audience, media scholars and media professionals can appeal to critical media literacy to go beyond the barriers of conservatism, intolerance and consumerism.