“Mobile Internet in Portugal: Adoption patterns and user experiences”

Damásio, M., Henriques, S. Botelho, I. Dias P. (2013). “Mobile Internet in Portugal: Adoption patterns and user experiences”. Rızvanoğlu, K & Çetin, G (Eds.). Research and Design Innovations for Mobile UX, 94-113New York: IGI Global.


Abstract: In contemporary society, internet services and phones are blending into a mobile device frequently called smartphone. As a consequence, mobile internet is having an exponential growth and new practices of mobile social networking and mobile communication are emerging, as these devices make it easier to maintain networks of relationships. Resulting from this convergence, contemporary mobile user experience also contributes to the blending of local and global through the permanent dynamic articulation of communication and coordination. This chapter deals with the emerging adoption drivers of mobile internet and the behaviors of use that characterized it, highlighting the importance of mobility for online activities and the industry’s and user’s perspective of this technology adoption, patterns of use, motivating factors and type of activities performed online. Our main hypotheses argue that the nature of social interactions allowed by m-internet is a key adoption driver and that, as consequence, social activities are an integrative and relevant part of m-internet service. Moreover we discuss that the type of access have an influence on the type of activities undertaken online, arguing that mobile access facilitates more interactive and participative and supports more collective-based activities.