Transforming Audiences,

Transforming Societies

Where and how did the Action meet?

LISBON 11-13 Nov. 2010

ZAGREB 7-9 Apr. 2011

LONDON 31 Aug. - 2 Sept. 2011

BRUSSELS 12-14 April 2012

Conference on

''New challenges and methodological innovations in European media audience research''

University of Zagreb

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Action meeting on

''Audience/Society Transformation''

Saint-Louis University

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Pre-conference and conference on

''Transforming Audiences 3''

University of Westminster

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First meeting of the COST Action

PInstituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP)

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MILAN 20-22 Sept. 2012

BUDAPEST 23-24 Nov. 2012

TAMPERE 17-19 Apr 2013

LEICESTER 17 Jun. 2013

Workshop on

''Communication beyond mediatization''

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences


ICA Pre-conference on

''Audiences, elsewhere. Reviewing the applicability of audiences and audience research to those in other field''

University of Leicester


Meeting on

''Cross -Disciplinary Collaboration and Innovation''

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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Meeting on

''Creativity and Connectivity in Audience Research''

University of Tampere

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BRUSSELS 12 Sept. 2013

BELGRADE 18-20 Sept. 2013

ISTANBUL 22-23 Nov. 2013

LJUBLJANA 5-7 Feb. 2014

Final meeting of the COST Action

University of Belgrade

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Final conference on

''The future of audience research: agenda, theory and societal significance''

University of Ljubljana

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Meeting on

''Media literacy research and policy in Europe: a review of recent, current and planned activities''

Saint-Louis University


International conference on

''New media and participation''

Bahcesehir University

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Other events affiliated to the Action